6th Junior World
Hot Air Baloon

22-27 August 2023 Grudziądz


6th Junior World Hot Air Baloon Championship

From 21 to 26 August 2023, Grudziądz will become the balloon capital of the world - here juniors representing their countries will compete for the title of Champion. If you are planning to join this event go to the www.grudziadzballoons.com

What we do

Do You know anyone who wouldn't look up when he sees a colourful balloon in the sky? Our goal is to popularize this beautiful sport and inspire people with love for it.


Members of Grudziądz Hot Air Balloon Club, Aeronautical Grudziądz Foundation and Nadwiślański Aero Club organize Grudziądz Hot Air Balloon Championships which attracts a large audience.


Our club is authorised to organize DTO trainings. We conduct both, theoretical and practical parts, for future balloon pilots. We also organize high-performance flying courses for pilots-contestants.


Members of our club create an amazing team that gets involved in many local and national initiatives. We promote balloon sports, fly, support each other and have a lot of fun by doing this.


Photo from the Championships in 2021 was published on The Washington Post site, Polish Radio celebrated its 50th anniversary with us, members of our club were partners during the 6th Gordon Bennet's Cup in Toruń.

Our engagement

Grudziądz Hot Air Balloon Club is recognizable in Poland and around the world. Pilots from GKB were flying in Japan, Germany, France, Italy or Austria. Furthermore amongst our members we have a lady captain of a dreamliner and a captain of an airliner.

About Baloons

Hot air balloon flights can be held early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when weather conditions are still. Basket of our balloon accommodates two passengers. Passengers are obliged to help in handling the balloon before the start and after landing. These are simple duties. Passenger has to be aware that the pilot can call off the flight due to weather conditions. Pleasure of flying is strictly associated with current weather. Believe me that these unforgettable experiences are worth waiting for.

Who we are

We are of different ages, amongst us are pilots and people who are dreaming about flying in the future. It doesn't bother us to spend free time together.

What we are doing

We are participating in balloon races in Poland and around the world. We are organizing our own championships and we are accompanying various cultural events. In free time we are using every opportunity to fly.


In august 2023 we'll be organizing the 6th Junior World Hot Air Balloon Championships. In the balloon world junior is a pilot who is under 30. This extraordinary show will amaze not only citizens of our town but also tourists.


lat działalności


członków klubu


wylatanych godzin



Meet our cart

Citizens of Grudziądz can flawlessly recognize our balloons. However we would like to introduce you to balloons which are being piloted by members of our club.



club is the owner

produced in England - Cameron N-90, indication SP-BGR


Four Winds

president's balloon

SP-BFW, produced in Czech Republic, indication Kubicek N-90



captain's balloon

SP-BDK, produced in Germany, Schroeder G/M



w spoczynku

SP-BAA, at rest, produced in England, Cameron VIVA V-77.


Club organizes BPL trainings in DTO form for future balloon pilots. 30 participants completed the first autumn training. We are planning our next recruitment.

Who can enroll

Regardless of whether you have ever flown a balloon you can sign up for the training. Especially if this is the sport you have always dreamed about practising, it is SO worth seeing what it is really about.

How to sign up?

You will be able to find current informations about planned recruitment on our Facebook site. You can also call us, send an application form or write directly to Andrzej who is coordinating trainings, to this address: szkolenia@balonygrudziadz.pl.

What can i gain?

We organize basic courses, both theoretical and practical for future balloon pilots and refresher courses for participants. At the same time you can gain knowledge and have an amazing time, trust us you will feel the magic.

Contact Us

In case of any questions don't hesitate to contact us. Maybe you are dreaming about flying a balloon, would like to join our club or become a donor?

ul. Dąbrowskiego 11/13
86-300 Grudziądz


601 658 643 lub 600 231 393

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